Do you have the time and inclination to engage you during your studies? Do you have creative ideas? Also you want to encounter. Discover. Changing? Then you are in our team are always welcome! We are here to ensure that volunteering not only takes time, but you also want to bring something. Therefore, we have formulated certain quality standards here:

  • If you are interested arrange an appointment first; it is intended to get to know each other and also to determine initial ideas, motivation and their own location itself. Sometimes it makes sense to use it to make two calls.
  • Determine the extent of your exposure even for us: it can change from introducing into individual events or for a whole semester. Something is equal discussed in advance so there is no misunderstanding or a burden, and this affects the study.
  • Wir bieten dir eine individuelle Begleitung, bei der du im persönlichen Gespräch immer wieder auf deine eigenen Fähigkeiten schauen kannst und so immer neue Ziele für dich entwickeln kannst.
  • We offer individual support where you can always look back on your own skills in person and so are always developing new goals for yourself can.
  • We offer here locally and beyond can through our nationwide networking numerous training and opportunities for participation in, of which only benefit you.
  • We offer you at the end of your activity of a testimonial about the extent of your involvement and your social skills. These can you then your applications (even for scholarships!) Enclose – the always goes down well!