What is spiritual counselling?

“Spiritual counselling” is a very old expression and can perhaps be a little off-putting. One immediately associates it with problem situations or being especially religious. Although there is no one definition for this in theology, this is what it means for us:

Every person goes his or her own way in life. This way has several stages some of which are harder than others. We constantly have to redefine ourselves and our relationship with the world. Especially in problem situations we notice that perhaps the answers we had in the past are no longer relevant.

Spiritual counselling accompanies you on the path of your life, it doesn’t lead you! That means: you have to walk the path alone but we can listen to you and give you our thoughts and try to help you to find a way to move on. In this way spiritual counselling is always absolutely independent and each individual must go their own way. Walking the path of life with awareness can be necessary in a problem situation – but many just wish to live their lives in a more aware and intensive way and to discover the meaning of life in the light of faith.

We are also part of a large network of advisory services in and around the university, with Student Services and throughout the Schwarzwald-Baar area. We are happy to assist you in finding whatever further help you need.

For this kind of counselling, it is best to arrange an appointment so that it can take place in calm and comfortable surroundings. These can always be arranged at short notice.