Study Scholarships of the Archdiocese Freiburg: Albertus-Magnus-Hildegardis Association (AMHV)

The following are the requirements for a AMHV scholarship:

• Above-average grades
• Membership of the Catholic Church
• Scholarship for German students
• Studying in final phase of study programme
• Proof of current involvement in the Catholic Congregation or in your parish

The scholarship is aimed at the final phase of the degree programme and is therefore valid for a maximum duration of 12 months. Funding is in the amount of € 400 / month.

Application deadline is the end of February each year.

The following documents are required:

• Application cover sheet
• Personal letter of application
• CV in tabular form (max. 3 pages!)
• Reference from KHG Furtwangen
• Academic reference from a professor
• Certificates or Transcript of Grades

Further information can be obtained from: Michael Schlegel, University Chaplain and (Spiritual) Counsellor



Scholarship from the Cusanuswerk Bishop´s Study Scholarship


The Cusanuswerk offers a very broad and varied type of funding. This funding is not limited to financial aid, but also offers an inter-disciplinary education programme, counselling and much more.


For further information and applications please contact the Cusanuswerk directly at:



Scholarship from the Catholic Academic Foreigner Service (KAAD)

For foreign students in Germany the “Scholarship programme 2” is the most relevant programme. Applications can only be made over the Catholic Congregation. Application directly to the KAAD is not possible.


• Origin is developing country or emerging nation in Africa, Asia, Near or Middle-East or Latin America
• Currently studying for a degree in Germany
• Seeking Master’s degree (Application in final semester of Bachelor degree possible)
• Member of Catholic Church or (particularly for those from the Near or Middle-East), a Christian confession. Applicants of another confession can be funded if they are recommended by Catholic partners on the grounds of their proven willingness to enter into inter-religious dialogue
• Ability to communicate in the German language


• Above-average qualifications for the study or research programme

• Ultimate goal of study or research is to return to home region in the long term (otherwise the scholarship is available as a loan!)
• Church and social involvement or willingness to conduct inter-religious dialogue

If you would like to apply for the scholarship we will be happy to recive your application.
Deadline for the summer term is January 15th but in order to prepare your application in time please get in touch with Michael Schlegel by October 31st.
To apply for the scholarship for the winter term the deadline is June 15th but you should get in touch with Michael Schlegel by April 1st