Emergency Funds

Sometimes unexpected emergencies occur during studies, which can quickly lead to a financial crisis. There can be many causes: the money which was promised from home doesn’t come, the birth of a child, serious illness or other situations.

In the Catholic Congregation we can help with emergency funds made available by the Archdiocese in Freiburg. To receive this help you do not have to have very good grades. You must simply show that it is an emergency and that you are currently a student. If you need this assistance, make an appointment with the university counsellor by email.

It is important for us that we get to the bottom of the problems and can help you in the long term so that you can continue your studies and graduate.

Please bring the following documents with you to the appointment:

• Proof of current matriculation (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
• Current grades
• Rent contract
• Bank statements for the last 3 months