Counselling conversation

You need just once someone to talk to? You want to listen to you and help you control your own way to go if you’re stuck again? Or do you want to live your life consciously and join your life with your faith? All this can be themes for pastoral conversation. Learn more here about what it is (not) and how you can take something for you to complete.





Financial Assistance

You are unexpectedly caught in a financial emergency and do not know how you got there shall come out of their own resources? Here you can read more on how we can help you in this situation. On the one hand we are part of a consulting network and can give you more expert help, on the other hand we also have opportunities to support you. Read on here, as this may help to look and what documents you need it.





2014-04-12 12.16.47You make good academic performance or are committed volunteer? Then a scholarship for you could offer. Find out with us about the various scholarships. Here you can download the application forms and learn all about the award criteria and requirements for funding and the application process.