Our vision is as follows:

“We aim to be a centre where all students regardless of confession or origin can meet new people, making intercultural exchange between students possible. We wish to support them in the development of their self-expression and self-realization, offering faith as the answer to life’s questions. We hope to make this an unforgettable time in their lives.”


The Catholic Congregation at University – Here for everyone

Drawing on the two fundamental aims of the Catholic Church in the university, spreading the Christian message and cultural pastoral work, the Catholic Congregation in Furtwangen has one clear aim:

We are here for everyone! Everyone is welcome to come and discover themselves with us!


The Catholic Congregation at University – A place to talk

Our doors are open so that those who find their way to us can find a place to express themselves and realize their potential. There are also many opportunities to meet: with other nations, traditions, cultures, religions or confessions. Theological discussion with the various academic disciplines is also part of our remit.


The Catholic Congregation at University – A place of spirituality and discovery of faith!

Many different people study on campus and there are just as many ways to God. For some it is normal to express this in church services, discussion groups and other meetings. For those people, the Catholic congregation offers a student-friendly place to do so.

But there are also those who have had very little to do with faith or God until now and perhaps need time to discover what this could mean for them. It is important for us to accompany them on their path without any pressure, simply helping them interpret their lives. This is also something we do: make it possible for people to discover and live their religion!


The Catholic Congregation at University – For an unforgettable study time!

Being at university is more than simply studying – the time at university is a formative and decisive time in life. The course is set for future life, you develop your identity, decide on a future career and much, much more…These are decisions which affect your whole life! We want to help you discover as much as possible during your study time and constantly broaden your horizons – so that on the one hand, you are happy with your decisions, and on the other hand, so that you will never forget your study time here in Furtwangen!