Our slogan is: “Meet. Discover. Change.”
Those three things make the Catholic Congregation special and different from all other offers at HFU.


Nowhere else is there room to “meet” so openly: students from your faculty with students of other faculties and degree programmes, with internationals and with natives. A “meeting” is more than just a vague “get-together”; it is when something remains afterwards: when a “meeting” was interesting or exciting and you have the feeling you were able to contribute something but also be aware of the others as a person.

A further dimension of “meeting” is also the meeting with God: as Christians we believe that we meet God in every single person. God finds us in our everyday life – and the degree to which we “meet”, depends on how much we open ourselves. Church services are also special places where we “meet” each other and God.



If you are open for such a meeting you have an exciting voyage of discovery in front of you. You can learn a lot about yourself, about others, different cultures and religions and about God. The Catholic congregation provides a place where such discoveries are possible.





We don’t want to force anybody to change, but we believe that through meeting and discovery, something in us will change. Through the meeting with others we constantly grow, learn new things and develop. In the relaxed atmosphere of the Catholic congregation this is possible. And the change will affect others: it will affect your study environment, your everyday life, the church and the whole world. We are convinced: the world needs change – and you can do it!