Why is there a separate municipality for the campus? What is the purpose of the Catholic Church if it is present on your campus? As a Catholic university community we are a place of lived Christian faith, a community with open borders. We try as such but also our responsibility in society perceive; we are expanding our offer on the one hand, the social dimension of the university, are committed to dialogue and understanding. We want to be present simultaneously as a critical companion of higher education and research, and more. Find out more about the work of the Catholic Church at every campus throughout Germany.




How do you want to customize your studies? Certainly you want to use it in order to have a good time, but also to make interesting encounters and formative experiences. That your time here in Furtwangen is an unforgettable – we want to help. Your way is the core of our own vision. We are open to all who want to be a place of dialogue, the experience of spirituality and faith. If you want to know what that is, you can read more here.




Mission Statement

2014-04-12 12.16.47In our logo you see the three key words “Meet. Discover. Change. “But what does that really mean and what they have to do with the Catholic school community? We believe they offer such a thing as a dimension of depth of study. When studying is about more than just learning skills for everyday work – it’s about wide through meetings, always something new to discover their own horizons and to make and this world. Here you can learn more about what that actually means more.





You want to join the KHG? You need just once someone to talk to? Maybe you need help or do you want to simply just know about who has responsibility for the work of the Catholic school community? Then read on here and learn more about Michael Schlegel, head of the KHG his own way, and how he came to Furtwangen …